Posted by: tanujit | August 30, 2007

Random Thought of the day !!

Another hectic day at work coming to an end hopefully with no surprises 3 days more to for this assignment and then I fly back home. Reminds me of the scene in DDLJ where Amrish Puri (lord bless his soul, he was a great actor !!) is feeding the pigeons and says that these birds don’t know him, they are not from his country and that although needs have bound his legs, one day he will be free to fly again and go back to his country…..well now I do know how it feels like !!

On other thoughts …. read this article on Alternate Perspective about the man who moved the mountain. The life of Dasrath Manjhi is really inspiring and as aptly said brings out the capacity of the human spirit to endure. The story reminds me again that success is only for those who endure and never give up, also it reminds me about the power of love. Although not a Taj Mahal, only a road goes a long way to show your love !!

On other things Sunshine has this interesting thought on how we think of what we could become by “randomly” look at others…yeah that has happened a lot to me…believe me…. I always wanted to be the someone else right from my school days, from wanting to be the thinnest guy in class, to being the tallest or being the best in sports…and right now someone else who is in India enjoying the food over there.

But have learned to teach myself that you have to be content by what the mighty lord has given to you and say to myself “do not build castles in the air…there is only pain the end”.

That’s it for today…signing off !!

Do we not all agree to call rapid thought and noble impulse by the name of inspiration?
               –  George Eliot


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