Posted by: tanujit | August 26, 2007

Long time …been away

Been away from bloging for a long time…been out on a project and has been a little hard time. First of all been alone in a new country with very new people and a ton of work on my heads. But things have worked out fine, the people with whom i have worked have been great.

Now only one more week to go on this assignment before i go home back to my home India. Missed everything about it during this time….even though life here is much easier …somehow for me something was missing.

The other thing which nearly killed me during this visit was being alone in this country. I now realised that human being cannot live alone, and what is the meaning of the various relationships are in ones life. Believe me…they are the most important thing that one has and should be take care of like the most important treasure in one’s life.

They’re sharing a drink they call loneliness
But it’s better than drinking alone.


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