Posted by: tanujit | July 8, 2007

A point to ponder upon…

Here is an article by Atanu Dey, which puts forward a very simple question that you would not see it coming. As a very honest law abiding citizen of the sovereign, socialist republic of India, the question put forward is that have you ever read the constitution of India, read it in its completeness, not in some civics lesson that you had taken just to get through the class Xth examination.

Well you got me there …. I haven’t. Not surprising, as he finds out in his survey also that not many people have read this important document, one that is the guiding principle of the ruling and working of our great nation. I can bet that all the people I know have also not read this document.

Leaving the points of the inherent comparison that is done between the Indian constitution and that of the United States of America, but for me the most important point is that not many Indians have read this document, that is the basis of out nation. I do agree with the point put forward that not many can read it even if they wanted to, because they are illiterate is valid to some extend, but what about that percentage of the population that is literate and is more that capable of reading this document. The great India middle class, the cushion that India is surviving on, how many of these people just know that there is something as the constitution of India, but have no intention of reading it ?

I also agree with the point that the inability of the people to know the rules by which they are being governed is a contributing factor in the degeneration of the government of India.

So what is the solution….Well I think we need a revolution on one kind, of that of self help, for too long the Indian people have waited for others to come and tell us what needs to be done, why don’t we stand and do what is to be done ? Only then the dream of this “Sovereign” Nation will be fulfilled.

Point to ponder upon…


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