Posted by: tanujit | May 7, 2007

What do you do ?

A very simple question that we often answer nearly everyday of our lives is “What do you do ?”

To which we often answer without even blinking out eyes. But here is an article by Penelope Trunk where we are forced to think that it might really be a good idea to devote more time in figuring out the answer of this question.

“What do you do.”
They want an “elevator pitch” — one or two sentences that
you could get out in as fast as an elevator ride.
It’s a very short answer, but that’s why it’s so hard.
Because we think of ourselves as so complicated and multidimensional,
but the answer must be simple and straightforward.

She goes on to say that investing time and money in your answer to this question is worthwhile, since in one form or another we are subjected to this question everyday. I don’t know about the money part, but definitely my time and effort are worthwhile investment on this question.


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