Posted by: tanujit | May 4, 2007

Like me… Me Like…

“Everyone thinks of changing the world,
        but no one thinks of changing himself.” 
                                               – Tolstoy.

Well there is one question which has always been at the back of my mind, and kind of bothered me every now and then.

What should be the work that ones does ? Should it be in the field that one likes (i.e should one make a career out of ones hobby or something one is good at) or should one be in a field that earns him a decent bread and butter and leave the hobby to be just that … a hobby.

One would have his own views regarding this subject. Being part of the typical Indian middleclass where becoming a professional (read Engineer, Doctor, MBA) and getting a job ( read with a decent pay, though the bar has been raised quite a bit now thanks to the Information Technology boom) is the highest priority in ones life right from the time one is put in the realms of the education system. Oh also in the above list if you are an employee of the Government, then the measures are quite different….akhir security bhi important hai na bhai !!

Well in all this ruckus of shaping you future, the hobby is almost non existent or takes a back seat ( more like the last seat in the bus of life). Anyway’s by the time one has climbed a few steps in the tall ladder of career, makes a decent living and has some time for himself. The other problems of life(er…you can guess) and office politics engulf him and there is still no time or energy left for that elusive and distant hobby.

Others may counterpoint by saying that they have kept their hobby alive despite all the things that life throws at them. Kudos to these people for being so resilient, but for the average Joe (me being one of these) this is bit too much of an ask.

There are many examples of people who have been very successful by just doing the things that they like the most … follow you dreams. Not to be a pessimist or anything, but that is a again too much to ask, what if the only dream is that of survival ? Finally all we do is our work and learn to very good at that, but it may not be the thing that interest us most in life, and being in India one still cant go about and follow ones dreams without starving. So what is the solution for this problem, well “compromise” … “Suakh se bhi kisi ka peth bhara hai kya !!”. We continue to live in the little world that we have created for ourselves.

So what to do about this situation ? Well we cant the change the world, if we don’t change ourselves.

Taking the advice will start with myself…


P.S : Still trying to figure out how to do that …


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