Posted by: tanujit | May 2, 2007

The "Oxymoron" that India is…

Reading the following article once again highlights the stark contradiction that exists in life in India. At one end we showcase the “India Shining” it rising ~9% GDP growth, the growth and spread of the IT behemoth and on the other hand we have the farmer suicides, which is a shame for a nation that took pride in the green revolution. Given that we are the largest producer of milk in the world and also that we are a food surplus country, but then why this predicament of our farming community and the agricultural industry as a whole ? Why when the Dy Chairman of Planning Commission tells to an jubilant audience that present rate of growth (>8%) India could well become the world’s 3rd largest economic power by 2020 and India will be able to eradicate poverty completely.

Well that  is good news or is it ? If this is really the case then why do we not see any of this in the real India and its day to day life.

For starters…What is the definition of poverty ?

For me a family that can provide for its basic needs for living… food, clothing, shelter, education for the children and be able to access to the basis public utilities like drinking water, electricity and hygiene would be one that was not in poverty.

Well for the government the definition does not encompass these at all. For them the definition of poverty is equivalent to only how much nutrition the person requires to stay alive. These rules were defined by the Morarji Desai government in 1970’s and since then neither the figures of nutrition (i.e the rule states that on average an Indian requires 2,400 calories in rural areas and 2,100 calories in urban areas) have been revised nor the rules for measurement have been changed to include other parameters. In money terms this works to about Rs 500/month !! This is some sort of joke …no wonder there will be no poor people in India by 2020, but there will be hell lot of people starving and living their lives in derelict conditions as if someone has done them a great favor by just letting them live.

The oxymoron that India is continues to live and die at the same time…

Also please read the wonderful article …. “Sanjhi Virasat”. Just reminds us these days of false masquerading in the name of religion, culture and what not, was this really the case before. Well read the article to find out more.

Another interesting place I found out. Check out Also check out the review called pragati here.


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