Posted by: tanujit | April 27, 2007

What is it all getting at…

There has been a lot of argument and debates on the “reservation” v/s “general (aka merit)” seats in nearly all walks of life in India. Be it for positions of employment in Government, Public Sector Units or for admissions at Colleges (Engineering or Medical), Universities  etc. There has always been two sections of people…the “pro-quota” and the “anti-quota”.

Here are some interesting facts about the OBC’s that has been brought forward by Prof. Madhukar in the articles below

    1. The Merit of Reservations
    2. Who are the OBC’s
    3. Reservation/Quotas and “Meaning of Merit”
    4. Quota/Reservations : More “Reserved” than Others

The major points (which I didn’t have any idea about) are…

  • 76% of India’s population falls in the category of OBC,SC and ST and that was according to the Mandal Commission Reports which came out in 1979.
  • The definition of the OBC’s was based on 11 criteria covering Social, Educational and Economic parameters contrary to belief that it was based on “hereditary”.
  • The states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh have had 50% or more reservations in higher and professional education for many decades.

My view are the founding fathers of our Nation made the idea of “Reservation” for the underprivileged to bring up the social status. There are many people who have benefited from this, then why should they continue to get the benefits of the reservations ? Shouldn’t there be some system along with the “Reservations” that gives the certification of “OBC” or “SC” or “ST”. That according to the “conditions” laid down for classification are no longer valid and you may be moved now to the “General Category”. Agreed that one generation may need the benefits and it is an onus on our people to provide them with the opportunity. But why should they be getting the benefits for generations to come, Why not have periodic reviews to check whether those conditions of classification still holds true or not. The idea was that we make this distinction for the upliftment of these people, but if their situation is improved then don’t we all become the same people, why should the classification based on the caste or tribe or for that matter on the economic condition still hold.

My question then is that “Why has the recommendations only been for inclusion, what about the recommendations of exclusion ?”

Do we open another “Pandora’s Box” then…

Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress.”
                                                          – Mahatma Gandhi.


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