Posted by: tanujit | April 26, 2007

Sometimes I “Wonder” too….

Sometimes I wonder about many things that could have happened but didnt and what my life would have been had those things happened. Well sunshine has written a “wonder”ful post on these questions….read it here.

I wonder too –

1. Why i was the only fat boy in the school bus, so that i was the object of everybodies “affections”.

1. Why i was never really good at any sports, not one !!

1. Why when it comes to saying or doing something that seems obvious, i always screw up.

1. Why i was teased so badly one day, that i returned home crying.

1. Why i always seemed to be the outsider in my class, always considered the “good boy” and never part of anything fun.

1. Why i didnt get 2 more marks in chemistry in 12th.

1. Why i cant seem to any words out of myself infront of a girl that i want to talk too.

1. Why i missed the last year of college so much.

1. Why the prof screwed up my marks in the 7th semester and took away something for me for which i worked really hard.

1. Why i will never get to wear sunglasses and maybe be bit better looking.

1. Why i never got to tell her i feel about her.

1. Why we do something sometimes, but then you feel so bad about it.

1. Why i cant go back and set everything straight.

“Time is like the grains of sands in your hand,
the more tightly you try to hold onto them,
the more faster they slip out of your hand…”



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