Posted by: tanujit | April 23, 2007

“Employment” – The Indian Perspective.

These two posts are a must read.

The future of employment in India – It is harsh truth of the facts put forward that strikes us in the face. It shows the vast disparity that we have in the “India Shining”. At one place the growing businesses make a promise for employment and on the other side is that the growing shortage of “employable” people to make the right fit. Also that the organized sector is just a small contributor to the employment needs of the country. What we need a sea of change in the unorganized sector.

Quote :

“The “unorganised/informal sector” contributes to
60% of Net Domestic Product
68% of income
60% of savings
31% of agricultural exports
41% of manufactured exports
…and 92-93% of employment (or, livelihood for the about 2/3rd the population)”

Striking figures those…

The Maya of “Employment Generation” through SEZ’s – The real face of the employment generation that takes place through the SEZ that the government is really so hyper about. A must read.


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