Posted by: tanujit | April 16, 2007


Here is an really interesting presentation by Scott McLeod about the times we live in, how things are changing so fast around us, and that “shift happens” !!

First few points in this presentation is purely from the “U.S” perspective, though the message is more global and thought provoking. The strength of China and India in terms of the demographic dividend is really mind boggling, but the presentation presents it in a rather scary way, without looking at the other perspective. Being an Indian and looking at the situation in India, there is still a long way to go, before we even begin to harness the benefit of this advantage, but at present it is a source of lot of problems and anguish in our part of the world.

The other point about the technological leaps and bounds that we are taking in the present day, and that the knowledge that our students of the future gain may become outdated even before they begin to use it is frightening. The numbers presented if truely represent even a fraction of what is to come in the future, makes one to sit up and notice. We are moving towards a “paradigm shift”. The mention that the computational capability may overtake that of the human race reminds us of the moive “Terminator” and how “Judgement Day” could even become a reality. These thoughts leaves ones throat a little dry !!

But the good side is that all technology has always been improving the lives of human race (if used in the correct way of course), so we can expect improvement in the quality of life that we live.

To quote from another article, which reviews this presentation, and which influenced me a lot.

“We must prepare to live/survive/excel in a world that will be changing more rapidly than ever. And in a world of change, it is the person who has learned how to learn who will have the advantage. We need to stop focusing on teaching fact/figures/answers, and begin to embrace the ability to analyze/sythesize/adapt.”

Here is the links to the origins of this line of thought.

thefischbowl, Scott McLeod.

Most of the predictions in the presentation are from Ray Kurzweil’s research on “The Singularity“.

“The only thing constant in this world is change itself…”

Your thoughts ?


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