Posted by: tanujit | April 13, 2007

Starting out…. huh !!

Well it is my longing that some day maybe when the my hair(whatever maybe remaining) is grey and I’ve had some experience of the big bad world out there, to start a business for myself, something which will be my baby. The main motivation for starting out on a business is that then you are working for yourself and are doing what you believe in and not what someone else believes in.

Right enough of “gyan”, here is a great article on “20 things not to do before starting a business”. Well the first thing that comes to mind is that the guy is insane to give that kind of advice, and the comments tell that tale too. But then getting under the skin of the each one of the points he has made, you begin to see the light of day.

Each of the points are valid and lot of common sense (where did that disappear from business and management and from the commentors ofcourse !!).

Anyways after reading the article is that, before anything else in starting my business, let me figure out what to “sell”…till then points to ponder on.


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