Posted by: tanujit | April 12, 2007

For the “People” or not for the “People”

Well sometimes you read somethings and they make you stand and think well there are atleast some people who may be using the money for some good use rather then stoving it away. Like the donations of Warren Buffet of $37bn to the Bill and Melina Gates Foundation and ofcourse Bill and Melinda Gates who have founded the Foundation and the various other foundations that the “really wealth” have founded to help the poor. Not to criticize or be sarcatic, but then this is really just one side of the coin.

When you look at the other side of the coin, it raises a few eyebrows of the real intentions are really that noble or not. Behind the scenes what is really going on, yours guess is as good as mine.

But then, it makes me stop and really think, we really slog it out all our life to make a few bucks, why would anyone just pass that on without there being some “silver lining” to the whole matter ? I mean is that not human nature… !!

As rightly put out by Prof. Madhukar, often the whole local problem is ignored and a “symptomatic solution” is applied which is really not the solution at all.

Food for thought !!


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