Posted by: tanujit | April 11, 2007

Managing “Management”

In today’s world where management education is the “in” thing, where every Tom Dick and Harry wants to have the coveted MBA (me bring one of the rats in this rat race). I was a little humbled that we even don’t have time to stop and think where did it all start… what was the beginning.

Where did the stuff that management is made up of came from. Little did I know, here was an eye opener. The article got me digging into the starting of this field. The names of greats like Peter Drucker, I have heard but never bothered to know more, sorry but I really didnt know that he is considered to be “Father of Modern Management”. Ignorance is Bliss !!

Anyways following on the article, read about the gaint in the field of consulting McKinsey and Company and its founder James O. McKinsey. And about this person, Marvin Bower considered to be the “Father of Modern Management Consulting”, the person behind McKinsey as it today.

Well that is enough of gyan for now…will continue my quest for knowledge.


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