Posted by: tanujit | April 10, 2007

God of “Small Things”

Read this article about Professor Yunus and the humble begginings of the Grameen Bank.

Really inspiring how sometimes the most simple things done the right way lead to the not right but great results. What one man vision and belief can lead to, and also that as people we need to put some trust into our own kind.

The banks refuse to lend to the poor, as the system is defined in that way. why ? well that it is because the inherent human fear to failure. The banks wont lend to the poor out of the fear of defaulting. But why be the pessimist in the first case, maybe because that is the way we generally look at things (especially when it comes to money).

Kudos to Professor Yunus, for taking the bold step into the unknown, had it not been for him the lives of so many people would not be a little better.

Useful links on the terms (for me ofcourse)

Microfinance, Ashoka, Grameen Bank


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