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From home

Enjoying my vacation here at home. There is no place like home, the one place where you forget all the rest of the world and be in peace…well for me it is like that.

In other stuff…here is the list of World Top 20 consultants by consulting magazine. Well for a person who dreams of being a consultant this is the list of most importance and it has quite a few people of Indian origin up there…way to go people.

Going on a trip for the next couple of days…that will be really great to be driving and be on the road.

That’s it for now…


बहुत दिन से सोच रहा था की मुझे अपनी मत्री बाशा में भी कुछ लिखना चाहिए, पर जैसे की आप जानते ही है, यह जो कंप्यूटर है वोह सिर्फ़ एक ही बाशा में लिख सकता है “इंग्लिश” और अभी तक एइसा कोई टूल नही मिला  जिससे में जल्दी में हिन्दी में लिख सकूं, पर अब नही….

गूगल ने यह नया टूल निकला है….गूगल इंडिक ट्रांस्लितेरेशन….. याहा में इंग्लिश में लिखता हु और यह टूल उसका हिन्दी अनुवाद तुरंत कर देता है…..इस पोस्ट का मूल कारन…..

गूगल को इस उपलब्धि के लिए साबशी….पर में देख रहा हु की सब्दो को तिख तरह से नही लिखा रहा है…पर फिर भी बहुत ही मस्त टूल है…..तो “टेस्ट इत आउट”

ओथेर थिंग्स में ….मेरा याहा का प्रोजेक्ट खत्म हो गया है…और में आज अपने वतन लौट रहा हु !! तो अब आपसे मुलाक़ात होगी इंडिया से ब्रेक के बाद

तब तक अलविदा, सब्बा खैर !!

If you can’t read the post in Hindi, go to this site and install the fonts….enjoy !!

Google Indic Transliteration

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Another day gone by….

Another day gone by, been busy with work as this project is almost done, whenever this sort of situation comes, makes me feel a bit happy and sad at the same time…ever got that feeling, when you want to hold on to something and at the same time let it go in anticipation of the better things to come …. happens to me all the time … guess that’s me !!

On other things read this article by Randeep Ramesh in the New Statesman about the troubles in India and the irony that India is .. excerpt follows

…There is little doubt that India is experiencing a rapid and sustained rise in living standards for the first time in centuries. Growth has averaged 8 per cent since 2003, second only to China. According to the investment bank Goldman Sachs, India’s young population gives it the potential to grow faster than China in the long term.

For many Indians this is exhilarating stuff: in the 1970s the country threw out Coca-Cola and IBM and sealed itself off from the outside world. Heady stuff, but ultimately economic folly. Growth slowed to 1 per cent a year – at that rate it would have taken 70 years to double incomes. Tentative reforms began in the 1980s, but it took a balance-of-payments crisis in 1991 for the government to usher in unexpectedly brave changes. Today, India’s outward-looking, hypercompetitive policies as well as the trend towards smaller families mean incomes will double in a decade.

Yet it will remain a poor country. Last month, government figures showed that malnutrition is endemic, with about 46 per cent of children aged three or younger underweight and almost 80 per cent anaemic. Less than 50 per cent of women can read or write their name. Only a third of homes have a toilet. The country is probably the world’s largest Dickensian paradox – having both the best and the worst of times.

The puzzle is that India is economically confident, yet sunk in interminable poverty. This is because most Indians live in a vast rural, feudal darkness and only a lucky few are part of the shining new future. Services, essentially white-collar work, makes up more than half of national income. But this does not mean that tens of millions of Indians sit behind terminals talking to someone in New York or London. Information technology, the poster-boy industry of India’s economy, employs just 1.5 million people – a mere drop in the labour pool of 470 million.

Even worse, only 35 million people in India have any sense of job security and 20 million of those work for the government. The rest of the working population – some 435 million people – are part of “the unorganised sector”: toiling on the land, or driving a taxi, or running a chai stall, or working as menial household labour.

Just repeats the problems that are brewing in the bloated Indian economy, sometime makes me wonder, all the “India Shining” publicity in the mainstream Indian media causes a lot of problems among the not so fortunate in India, the glaring economic disparity must be causing a lot of bitter feeling with may surface as a bigger problem of a social unrest, rising crime rates (which are already beginning to show). It is high time that Indian begins to think about meeting the basic needs of all the Indian people, if the much hyped super growth rates can be maintained and “India” can regain its true position among the world nations. Somehow always reminds me of this great poem by Rabindranath Tagore….

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;
Where knowledge is free;
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls; Where words come out from the depth of truth;
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection;
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit;
Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action
                      — Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

             — Rabindranath Tagore.

Just hope that this dream comes true one day.

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Random Thought of the day !!

Another hectic day at work coming to an end hopefully with no surprises 3 days more to for this assignment and then I fly back home. Reminds me of the scene in DDLJ where Amrish Puri (lord bless his soul, he was a great actor !!) is feeding the pigeons and says that these birds don’t know him, they are not from his country and that although needs have bound his legs, one day he will be free to fly again and go back to his country…..well now I do know how it feels like !!

On other thoughts …. read this article on Alternate Perspective about the man who moved the mountain. The life of Dasrath Manjhi is really inspiring and as aptly said brings out the capacity of the human spirit to endure. The story reminds me again that success is only for those who endure and never give up, also it reminds me about the power of love. Although not a Taj Mahal, only a road goes a long way to show your love !!

On other things Sunshine has this interesting thought on how we think of what we could become by “randomly” look at others…yeah that has happened a lot to me…believe me…. I always wanted to be the someone else right from my school days, from wanting to be the thinnest guy in class, to being the tallest or being the best in sports…and right now someone else who is in India enjoying the food over there.

But have learned to teach myself that you have to be content by what the mighty lord has given to you and say to myself “do not build castles in the air…there is only pain the end”.

That’s it for today…signing off !!

Do we not all agree to call rapid thought and noble impulse by the name of inspiration?
               –  George Eliot

Posted by: tanujit | August 27, 2007

What we need and don’t ask !!

The brazen careerist Penelope Trunk has this interesting article here on how women should not ask for what they want directly when they negotiate. She is of the view that men are better at negotiating because they don’t directly ask for what they want directly but they know how the “game is played”.

Case in point she says…

“If  a guy approaches you for sex, you hang up on him. If he approaches you for lunch, you think he’s very sweet. And then later you have sex.”

Well that is very interesting line of thought. Well that got me thinking how good are my negotiating skills being of the gender supposedly having better negotiation skills !!

Well for starters one point is correct men don’t really ask for what they want, hell that is the root cause of all problems for men. The other is that don’t ask for what you really want at the negotiating table.

hmm…points to ponder on….

Other interesting links to catch up on.

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Of India !!

Being a “Indian” is in many ways a irony in itself. On one hand we have many things to be proud of, the enormous history that we have behind ourselves and the way we are the best mixed bag of religions, cultures, languages and god know what, yet we have been this way for the millions of years….and then are some things that “I” as young Indian think about….could we have done it differently….could we have achieved more than what we have done for ourselves.

At 60 years of “independence”, which is also a cliche in itself, are we really independent.This article by Ashok Desai in the Telegraph has many things to say. Read it here.


The country was also chronically short of foodgrains. It was basically due to the fact that World War II had expanded urban employment and purchasing power, and that the urban demand for food exceeded supply from domestic agriculture. There was no international foodgrain market to fall back on. Only the US had a large enough surplus of wheat. After India turned down in 1950 the invitation of John Foster Dulles, Truman’s secretary of state, to join a South-east Asia Treaty Organization, one of America’s military alliances to contain the Soviet Union, it was no longer close to the US. Still, the US wheat surplus was so large that it gifted large quantities of it to India throughout the Fifties and Sixties. It was only after the Green Revolution, which began in the late Sixties, that the assistance under PL-480 was dispensed with. It is likely that a Patel government would have taken recourse to PL-480, although it might have increased domestic agricultural production more by leaving agriculture freer to market incentives. India might, for instance, have produced more cotton — that would have helped the textile industry, which then was large and competitive.

The whole article make me think, why did we fall into this license raj mess and the concept of government owned PSU, who did nothing much for the public in general, just overmanned unaccountable corporations who just sucked the juice out of the countries economy.

Just if the politicians that we idolize so much, but why didn’t we question them at that time for these follies… yes they are true sons of the soil and we cannot forget what they did for the country, for its freedom and giving us the life..we owe that to them. But the policies why didn’t we question them on that….why did we blindly follow them !!

Guess this line puts is very straight forward.

China made use of its labour to become the frontrunner in industrialization in the Nineties; India could have become the frontrunner in the Sixties. It would have run ahead of those little nations — South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia — which left it behind. In particular, it would have led the world in textiles. Textiles came in the Sixties to be dominated by synthetic fibres; and synthetic fibres became a major branch of petrochemicals. Japan came to dominate this industry; it could have been India instead.

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Long time …been away

Been away from bloging for a long time…been out on a project and has been a little hard time. First of all been alone in a new country with very new people and a ton of work on my heads. But things have worked out fine, the people with whom i have worked have been great.

Now only one more week to go on this assignment before i go home back to my home India. Missed everything about it during this time….even though life here is much easier …somehow for me something was missing.

The other thing which nearly killed me during this visit was being alone in this country. I now realised that human being cannot live alone, and what is the meaning of the various relationships are in ones life. Believe me…they are the most important thing that one has and should be take care of like the most important treasure in one’s life.

They’re sharing a drink they call loneliness
But it’s better than drinking alone.

Posted by: tanujit | July 8, 2007

A point to ponder upon…

Here is an article by Atanu Dey, which puts forward a very simple question that you would not see it coming. As a very honest law abiding citizen of the sovereign, socialist republic of India, the question put forward is that have you ever read the constitution of India, read it in its completeness, not in some civics lesson that you had taken just to get through the class Xth examination.

Well you got me there …. I haven’t. Not surprising, as he finds out in his survey also that not many people have read this important document, one that is the guiding principle of the ruling and working of our great nation. I can bet that all the people I know have also not read this document.

Leaving the points of the inherent comparison that is done between the Indian constitution and that of the United States of America, but for me the most important point is that not many Indians have read this document, that is the basis of out nation. I do agree with the point put forward that not many can read it even if they wanted to, because they are illiterate is valid to some extend, but what about that percentage of the population that is literate and is more that capable of reading this document. The great India middle class, the cushion that India is surviving on, how many of these people just know that there is something as the constitution of India, but have no intention of reading it ?

I also agree with the point that the inability of the people to know the rules by which they are being governed is a contributing factor in the degeneration of the government of India.

So what is the solution….Well I think we need a revolution on one kind, of that of self help, for too long the Indian people have waited for others to come and tell us what needs to be done, why don’t we stand and do what is to be done ? Only then the dream of this “Sovereign” Nation will be fulfilled.

Point to ponder upon…

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Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam !!

Sometimes while you are listening to songs which have been places like for eternity in you playlist and suddenly a songs pops up which in itself does not have any significance, but if you join it with your current predicament it kind of brings your whole life into perspective…. don’t you think so ?

Well I do think so….just his moment while I was jabbing away at the computer keyboard trying as well to fix a bug in the eternal circle of software development crap.

This lovely songs just crops up….

Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam….
tum rahen na tum…hum rahen na hum….
Bequarar dil is tarah mile ….
Jis tarah kabhi hum juda na the….

Very simple lines there but at this moment holding a very profound meaning for me…

Anyways if you too like this songs listen to it, and reflect in the story of your life (to date) as I’m doing at this moment.


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Home sweet home….

Nice to be back home after a long time. Had been abroad on a project trip for nearly 4 months, so enjoying the homecoming for quite some time now.

Got some catching up to do on the reading of my regular stuff and also on mom’s food !!


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